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Enrollment Help

First Time Users

Click the New User button on the Log In page and follow the prompts to get set up.

Mobile App Users

Be sure and download our new Mobile App (pictured below) from the iTunes or Google Play store.  

Online Banking

ONLINE BANKING will enable you to:

  • Retrieve account information – anywhere you have internet access
  • View account balances and transactions
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Make loan payments 
  • Transfer funds to any ECU member
  • Download account history to Quicken or Quickbooks
  • View or print a copy of a check that has cleared your accounts

Online Banking Upgrade

In our efforts to bring you the best possible online banking experience, Educators Credit Union will be upgrading our Online Banking, Bill Pay, Mobile App and website solutions on January 15, 2019.

This enhancement will come with more flexibility, reliability and control for you, but it also will come with a few important changes that will temporarily affect the way you use Online Banking. We’ve summarized these key points below:

What can I expect?

  • The upgrade requires that Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile access will be limited from Friday, January 11th thru Monday, January 14th.  
  • All of your account information, scheduled bill payments and your payment history will seamlessly transition to the new system. 
  • The new Online Banking will feature innovative solutions, including single sign-on to ALL your ECU accounts that you are primary and joint owner, tools that allow you to see your complete financial picture, track your spending habits, set budget goals and more — all on one screen.

What steps should I take?

  • Ensure that we have your current contact information (phone numbers, email address and physical address) on file so you can easily access the new system on January 15th.
  • If you have bills due while Bill Pay is unavailable from January 11th to January 14th, be sure to schedule those bills for payment prior to January 11th to help ensure that they are paid on schedule.
  • See below for additional FAQs

While we are confident that this new service will greatly enhance your overall online banking experience, we apologize for any short-term inconvenience the upgrade may cause you. We are here to answer any questions, so please feel free to contact us at 254-776-7900.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you change to a new Online Banking provider?

We upgraded to a new online banking provider to ensure that we provide the most innovative solutions and a rich online experience. 

Q. When will the change take place?

We will begin the upgrade on January 14th and the new Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile app functionality will be live on January 15th. During this upgrade process—from January 11th to January 14th—access to Online Banking and Bill Pay will be limited. Although you will not be able to schedule, modify or check the status of any bill payments during this timeframe, rest assured that we have systems in place to help ensure that any payments you have set in advance will be paid on schedule.

Q. What is different about the Online Banking solution?

There are some exciting changes with this upgrade. Online Banking now will feature a simplified portal where you can view ALL your accounts that you are primary or joint owner, see exactly where your money is going with easy-to-read charts, create and track budget goals, and gain greater control of your personal finances.

Q. Will I be able to view recent transactions, pay bills and set alerts/notifications with the new Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile system?

Yes. However, you will notice that the screens and menus are different and more user friendly.

Q. How do I view my statements?

You will be able to find online statements easily from the navigation once you log into Online Banking.

Q. Is Bill Pay information converting with Online Banking, or do I have to re-enter all of my information?

All bill pay information, including payee information, will convert and it will not be necessary for you to re-enter your information. However, we suggest that you schedule in advance any payments that will need to be paid from January 11th – January 14th, since Bill Pay will not be available during the upgrade process. For peace of mind, you may want to print a list of all your payees, including payment amounts and dates due, so you can easily double-check them in the new system.

Q. Will my scheduled recurring transfers convert to the new platform?

No, any scheduled recurring transfers you have set up will not convert over to the new system.  You will have to set those up again in the new platform.