Fees and Disclosures

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Fee Schedule

 Educators Credit Union Fee Schedule (effective February 1, 2013)
Monthly Service Charge – Share Draft (balance below $500)
*No monthly fee for Club 55 (55+), Direct Choice (DC), or College Choice (CS) Accounts
Commercial Checking Account (balance below $2,500) $15.00
Monthly ATM Card Charge (per card) $0.00
ATM Transaction (off-site/non-ECU terminal) $1.00
ATM Transaction (inquiry at non-ECU terminals) $1.00
Replacement ATM Card $5.00
Immediate Replacement of ATM Card  *Not available at all locations $10.00*
Replacement  Debit/Check Card $10.00
Expedited Replacement Debit/Check Card $35.00
MasterCard® VIP Payment (per payment) $10.00
Stop Payment (check & electronic draft) $28.00
Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $28.00
Overdraft Paid by Over Draft Protection (OD) $28.00
Overdraft Transfer – Per Item (from Savings Account or Line-of-Credit Loan) $1.00
Closing Account within 90 Days from Opening Date $10.00
Coin Counting 2% of value
Check Processing Fee (waived for members with a Savings account balance more than $100 and members with any type of Checking account or loan) – $3.00 minimum 1% of value
Wire Transfer (outgoing) $20.00
Wire Transfer (incoming) $0.00
Cashiers Check $5.00
Money Order $1.50
Temporary Checks (4 checks per page)  *price per page $2.00*
Legal Processing Fee (for processing any garnishment, tax levy, or other court or administrative order against an account, whether or not the funds are actually paid out)
*per item
Photocopy  *per page $1.00*
Account History research – per hour/1hr minimum $25.00
Printout of Account History $1.00
Draft (check) Copy Mailed $5.00
Draft (check) Copy Faxed $5.00
Statement Returned Undeliverable (return mail) $5.00
Fax Service (local number) $3.00
 Money Market Account  Fee
More than 3 checks clearing the account during the current statement cycle $20.00
Balance below minimum of $2,500.00 $20.00
Check for less than minimum of $250.00 $20.00